Born in Pickering and raised in Oakville, Ontario, Stephanie grew up within a family who encouraged her art and creativity; a confusing characteristic that Stephanie's parents did not quite understand, as both came from science backgrounds. Supportive nonetheless, they watched their art-driven daughter scrape by in Mathematics and give up on Chemistry. Stephanie's father did pass on his passion for Halloween, and she was known for having costume ideas planned out a year ahead. Her most notable costume was a car crash victim at age 11.


Stephanie Pringle graduated from Sheridan College's Advanced Special Effects Makeup, Prosthetics and Props graduate program in August 2017 and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Mount Allison University (2014).


As a makeup artist, Stephanie is influenced by her background in photography and painting; she envisions her work in relation to the frame and the shot, the relationship with the viewer, and a purposeful intention behind every decision. From gore and trauma to fantasy and beauty makeup, Stephanie is passionate about the process and creating realistic final pieces.